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New hope for pain relief in sickle cell disease

Read the first in a series of articles for the CAN community looking at problems faced by people with congenital anaemias and how research is improving understanding and treatment.

We look at trials of a new drug called Crizanlizumab which offers hope for relief from the excruciating pain of sickle cell crises.

Pain is a huge issue in the management of sickle cell disease and there have been no new drugs for 30 years. Finally, this research offers an exciting prospect that help may be available in the not-too-distant future.

New hope for pain relief in sickle cell disease

Last chance to have your say!

The James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership survey is closing in 48h.  This is your chance as someone affected by, caring for or working with people with rare inherited anaemias to give your opinion on what are the most important questions that remain unanswered for those disorders.

Please have a look at the survey, you have 48h left to answer it: